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We are a part of the Seasia Group of companies, and we create Cost Effective, World-class Web and Mobile solutions for the Education Domain. Our solutions focus on creating value for our users in niche-areas within this overall domain. Our aim is to leverage our technical and product development expertise to help address real-world problems for Schools, Colleges, Parents as well as Students.

It is our belief that, at present, the usage of Information Technology in the Education Sector has barely scratched the surface of what can be achieved in this area. We think that leverage of digital technologies is indispensable to the management of educational institutions for addressing the emerging learning needs of students.

We leverage our 15+ years of deep industry expertise in the eLearning space and the ready availability of domain experts to provide customized e-learning and education solutions to help educators and students alike.

If you are also excited about this space and would like us to collaborate with you on a product that addresses a need herein, please drop us a line and we’d be happy to connect with you!

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